About Us

About U PIN

U PIN MARKETING SDN BHD was co-founded by 4 secondary school-mates. We are proud to import and represent popular food products from various countries and let Malaysian to taste them. Since the greatest transformation in 2020, U PIN MARKETING SDN BHD has provided high-quality of local and foreign popular food products at reasonable prices. In order to improve consumer satisfaction, we are currently moving forward to the goal of innovation over the food industries.

Through continuous efforts, U PIN MARKETING SDN BHD has imported and being the representer of more than 1500 SKU products from various countries, such as well-known brands like HAIDILAO, GLINTER, KEKO, JAYER, OLI, MY CHEF, MASTER KIM, MASTER PASTO, YOUNG POONG, BAN-DARAN, KENKO, FULL MOON and etc. The following brands have appointed us to be the market distributor.

Through our professional services and huge range of products, our customer types are also wider to HYPERMARKET, SUPERMARKET, WHOLESALER, various types of SHOP RETAILER, TOURIST PLACE, NATIVE & SOUVENIR STORE, RESTAURANT and more will do.

U PIN MARKETING SDN BHD has operating company with an innovative business model and great team spirit, creates value for our customers continuously. We take these as the company's primary goal which is serve our customers in a better way and ensure our customers are satisfied all the time.


Vision of U PIN

To be an innovative and leading imported food whosaler & distributor over the Malaysia.


Mission of U PIN

The U PIN MARKETING SDN BHD team will play the good roll of business responsibility during the society, and keep bringing the best quality food products by working great with other advanced food industry importers to promote the modern food culture, so that Malaysians have the opportunity to taste more food products from various countries.




U PIN MARKETING SDN BHD 由4位中学同学联合创立,我们以进口代理各个国家爆款食品而让马来西亚消费者品尝而自豪,自2020年转型以来,U PIN通过公道的价格提供优质的国内外新型食品以提高消费者满意度,目前正在朝着行业领先与创新目标发展。



U PIN MARKETING SDN BHD以创新的模式和团队精神的方式运作,不断的为市场上的客户创造价值,我们将此作为公司的首要目标,以更好的满足与服务我们的顾客。






U PIN MARKETING SDN BHD 团队将继续扮演好在社会的企业责任,把最高品质的食品带到各个市场,并和其他先辈进口商一起推广新型食品文化,让人民更有机会尝试来自不同国家的食品。